The CleanUp Woman

The CleanUp Woman
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"Clean Up Woman" is a song by Betty Wright from her second studio album, I Love the Way You Love (). Written and produced by Clarence Reid and Willie. The Clean Up Woman is a play by J. D. Lawrence (born 30 November ). The play features Terri Adams, a journalist who pushes aside her newlywed.

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The CleanUp Woman by Alisha Yvonne

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Song of the Day: “Clean Up Woman”

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There were bottle caps, large chunks of plastic, feminine hygiene products, even syringes across the beach. Monika started a Facebook group named "Niagara and Buffalo nature clean up" in hopes of having others join her, and wants to bring her message to kids in schools.

Song Of The Day – “Clean Up Woman” by Betty Wright

And it has to start maybe with one, and then two, and then hopefully more," she said. But when Terri starts neglecting home for her new position, her supportive husband reaches his wits end and demands she clean up her act, starting with the house.

To keep the peace, her man and her job, Terri hires a local cleaning service recommended by a co-worker. But if she's not careful, "The Clean Up Woman" might find that she's picking up more than she's supposed to. Lawrence plays seven characters in the play, including a Hindu cab-driver, a year-old white man, a rapper and a hairdresser.

The Clean Up Woman follows the same formula as most urban gospel plays: Black folks with problems engaging in laughter, music and a spiritual epiphany. In the play was released on DVD. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.