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She details how "the bitch" re-emerges in more recent feminist writings, but in trying to express the sheer mischievousness in looking at "the bitch" as type, Appleton Aguiar undercuts her argument with lighthearted chapter titles and the teasing tone they support. Although designating her introduction as "The Season of the Bitch," a playful change to a 60s song which fittingly parallels the referent of the book's title, "The Bitch Is Back," she can't maintain this frivolity throughout the text.

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Fearing the Witch, Hating the Bitch: The Double Structure of Misogyny in Stephen King’s Carrie

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No further edits should be made to this section. The female of the dog. The female of the fox, wolf, and occasionally of other beasts; usually in combination with the name of the species. Also as in sense 2. Applied opprobriously to a woman; strictly, a lewd or sensual woman. Not now in decent use; but formerly common in literature. In mod. Not now in decent use. A primitive form of lamp used in Alaska and Canada. Noloop talk , 7 October UTC I could support making the bitch disambiguation page into the landing spot for bitch , but I oppose making dog the landing spot.

A dictionary would treat the dog as the primary meaning since it was the orginal meaning though I question whether this would be the same for everday use. I personally doubt that the averagre reader typing bitch would be looking for information on dogs. I have no opinion on the idea of making the dab page the primary meaning though I do not agree with the current proposal. The first is I have recently read a paper from a link on a talk page that large Google searches are done using a statistical prediction so they are not very accurate.

When I find the section where it was linked, I'll post the link here. The second is that we do not use general ghits on general web pages we use reliable sources to determine the name of a page.

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Oppose the title " bitch slang " since the usage is not only slang. Maybe bitch term?

Just to throw ideas in: how about Bitch profanity it's in Category:Profanity , Bitch insult a current redirect , or Bitch vulgarism? Bitch insult isn't bad.

The bitch is back -- big time

The primary factor is not being insulting, but being profane, so IMO bitch profanity is closer to what we'd want. I can live with either so take my agreement for whichever of the alternatives that have been suggested and I am happy to leave it to the judgement of the closing administrator. It's particularly bad under the present title, as it really makes it look as if this is an article about dogs. It's not about a profantiy, so that would be silly. Half the article is about something else. Noloop talk , 18 October UTC Do you have any preference or suggestions for a different title?

The insult is not the most common meaning, even in today's world - vets and scientists still talk of "bitch" in relation to dogs.


So there is no ambuguity and nothing to disambiguate. If that changes, so that there is a desire for an article just on female dogs, then renaming this article would make sense. In the meantime, there's no reason for it. This is an encyclopaedia and we base our article names and content on reliable secondary sources. Using Google books as a proxy for the set of reliable sources, and not a simple web search the numbers come out at about the same numbers for dog about , and woman about , results.

The word bitch is to dog as Ram is to sheep. There has been no evidence presented so show that In reliable sources that there is a primary topic here. Further just because we do not have an article on the male sheep, we do not fail to have a dab page at ram and mention a common usage. Indeed it could be argued that the article on the word bitch shoudl be on wiktionary but that is another discussion. Comparing raw numbers doesn't reveal much about usage.

When I go to google books and search for "bitch" the top hits are: Bitch. Using her most deadly weapons - undeniable beauty, body and street savvy brains Bitch: in praise of difficult women Bitch.

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She is The Bitch and she is in control. And that could never change -- could it? Stitch 'n bitch: the knitter's handbook Bitch Creek Novel. Noloop talk , 23 October UTC I think that looking at the quality of the sources is a good idea, not one of the books before number 18 is about the subject, instead bitch is being used to describe something else.

Do you have a book that describes the development of the term and its usage in popular culture as demonstrated by these fist 17 book titles? BTW how is the word used in general references the OED is listed above and here is the listing for Britannica: bitch does not mention the insult. Subsequent comments should be made in a new section on this talk page. The following is a closed discussion of a requested move.

Editors desiring to contest the closing decision should consider a move review. In ictu oculi talk , 13 January UTC As below move to Bitch slang per bd In ictu oculi talk , 14 January UTC Move to Bitch slang , as it is the slang usage that is addressed, whether the term is intended to insult or not; compare Dick slang , Cougar slang , Dyke slang.

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Milka, a black-spotted, broad-haunched bitch with prominent black eyes, got up on seeing her master, stretched her hind legs, lay down like a hare, and then suddenly jumped up and licked him right on his nose and mustache. A setter bitch , Laska, ran out too, almost upsetting Kouzma, and whining, turned round about Levin's knees, jumping up and longing, but not daring, to put her forepaws on his chest. But he is a pleasant, good humoured fellow, and has got the nicest little black bitch of a pointer I ever saw.

Razakel - The Wicked Bitch Is Back (High)

The son of a bitch was always good at finding a hare sitting, an be rotted to'n: I little thought what puss he was looking after; but it shall be the worst he ever vound in his life. There was Terrence the Magnificent--descended, as Van Horn remembered, from the American-bred Milton Droleen, out of the Queen of County Antrim, Breda Muddler, which royal bitch , as every one who is familiar with the stud book knows, goes back as far as the almost mythical Spuds, with along the way no primrose dallyings with black- and-tan Killeney Boys and Welsh nondescripts.

I bought a water spaniel bitch , five months old, and devoted my whole attention to her training. Then by all that's good," said Don Quixote now stirred to wrath , "Don son of a bitch , Don Ginesillo de Paropillo, or whatever your name is, you will have to go yourself alone, with your tail between your legs and the whole chain on your back. His heart growled within him, and as a bitch with puppies growls and shows her teeth when she sees a stranger, so did his heart growl with anger at the evil deeds that were being done: but he beat his breast and said, "Heart, be still, you had worse than this to bear on the day when the terrible Cyclops ate your brave companions; yet you bore it in silence till your cunning got you safe out of the cave, though you made sure of being killed.

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