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Fallen Angels (Horus Heresy) Mass Market Paperback – June 30, by Book 11 of 20 in the Warhammer 40, Horus Heresy Series A Thousand Sons (12) (The Horus Heresy) by Graham McNeill Mass Market Paperback $ turquiqunemoun.cf: Fallen Angels: The Horus Heresy, Book 11 (Audible Audio Edition): Mike Lee, Gareth Armstrong, A Thousand Sons: The Horus Heresy, Book

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Damnation The Damnation of Pythos. Abnett, Dan; Roberts, Neil. Macragge's Macragge's Honour. Deathfire Deathfire. War Withou War Without End. Honoured The Honoured. Pharos Pharos. Even if the first batches are implied to have been smaller, that's We also find that Luther has spent his years in exile 'civilising' Caliban - improving its infrastructure, boosting its population, making it more hospitable to life - basically turning it into a factory for the Imperial war machine.

Oooh, this is an interesting turn for Caliban's backstory Still, I was a little surprised by the revelation that the Watchers in the Dark are apparently xenos psykers tasked with protecting Caliban and containing its inherent corruption. I don't know if this is a new HH retcon, a secret finally revealed, or an established bit of Dark Angel lore since ' Guess that's what comes of not giving a single shit about the Dark Angels until now I'm mad ashamed of myself. One thing that made me cuss and realise my chronology of Dark Angels events was totally off is the fact that Astelan shows up as a fairly major character; he's been on Caliban for ages, which shows that 'Call Of The Lion' takes place 15 years after 'Descent Of Angels' and the ominous threat at the end of that book signified his exile, not his execution.

Glad I finally realised that. The Lion's parts of the story remind me of Guilliman's criticisms in 'Unremembered Empire'; that Jonson is too sly, secretive and private. That criticism's borne out here.

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Even with his favoured sons, the Lion isn't a leader who is in favour of transparency. He was born for royalty, like Guilliman was born for democracy and Kurze was born for totalitarianism. The arrogant control-freakery isn't necessarily a handicap, as he's a very good tactician, taking point in every aspect of the Legion's strategy and warfare. The void war section Nemiel witnesses here is pretty dull and makes me wish ADB could have given some of his skillz to this bro.

Not an auspicious start, as it's our first battle sequence. In fact, throughout the whole book, the action sequences aren't great. Arguably they're quite dull. As a result, Nemiel's chapters in the book are kind of a drag, as they include way more action - in fact, once you've got the setup out of the way, Nemiel's chapters seem like one long, continuous action sequence. Despite my criticism, I can't deny that the section where Nemiel's insertion team finds the, erm, 'savage weapons' Horus seeks is brilliantly written and fucking cool.

With the creepy building foreboding of Zahariel's 'strand', Mike Lee is much more successful. Though the bit where Nemiel suspects the Lion is incapable of 'reading' his subordinates, then spends about half a page dissecting what this says about his character, is fucking great I mean, we know Jonson had Watchers on deck, maybe they were reading minds and reporting back to him Then again, later in the book it's implied that Jonson's motive could have been to silence anyone who could know of Caliban's taint snarf ; Nemiel and Zahariel were the last to speak to Lord Sartana, after all, and the Lion couldn't know what they discussed Zahariel investigates an apparently growing insurrection on the Lion's homeworld - his arc carries an interesting concept from 'Descent of Angels' - compliant worlds, even Primarch 'homeworlds', aren't sacrosanct - they get hecka plundered.

You can see why the civilisations might revolt. Of course, I'd feel more sympathy if the rebellion didn't seem to be led by noblemen crying about how they got no feudal subjects anymore. But that's good, right? It'd be easy to paint the rebels as sainted crusaders the way the storyline is going. We also find that Luther is holding those thousands of new Astartes back from their deployment. I was kind of annoyed when Zahariel uncovered this information and gave in to the one of the worst HH cliches - positing the actual reason that Luther is disillusioned with the Imperium and the Lion, and is unsure if they deserve his loyalty then rejecting that, throwing his hand to his brow and swooning "No, NO, I must not think on't!

For most of the novel, it seems like the "accepted fluff" from 40k around this Legion - "half of 'em fell to Chaos because of Luther's selfish ways and bitter jealousy" - is just some bullshit Jonson made up after he Hulked out and blew up his homeworld for embarrassing him in front of his dad. But then, towards the end Luther's fall to Chaos becomes much more possible.

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The last third or so of 'Fallen Angels' is excellent, full of great moments - the Lion and Nemiel's suicidally brave and arrogant last stand against waves of Sons Of Horus, and Luther's 'declaration of independence' from the Imperium's affairs, as well as his big reveal of "Hey, I done got myself psychic powers through all my book learning! Just make 'em dicks with robes and wands and pointy hats, and fudge their motive confusingly. This would have been way better. By the end, Luther is certainly on the path to becoming the sinister magician we saw in 'Grey Angel'.

It's kind of a cross-pollination of Lorgar and Magnus' stories - driven by bitterness and a public scorning by someone you intensely admire, you let your thirst for knowledge get the better of you. Unoriginal it may be, but Luther's arc has actually become one of my favourites in HH and I'm extremely interested in how it turns out. Speaking of 'Grey Angel', a central tenet of that audio drama was that Luther didn't know - or feigned a lack of knowledge - of the Heresy. Re-reading 'Fallen Angels', I realised this was falsehood.

So did John French just forget unlikely, but not impossible or did the manipulative, psychically gifted Luther just read Loken's mind, realise the information he was looking for, and play dumb real good? I think I've answered my own question.

But to what end? I'm assuming to buy time for his Legion It's still my opinion that Young Cypher is a big red herring. I believe Zahariel is the one who'll become the 40K Cypher. Still, this creepy young anonymous Cypher dude will have a big role to play in upcoming Dark Angels stories, I'll wager.