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The American word is cotton candy. The word candyfloss originated in the s. Candyfloss refers to a confection made by spinning sugar in a machine until it forms thin strings. These strings are wrapped around a paper or wooden stick to make a large, light puff of spun sugar.

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Sometimes, flavouring or colouring is added. Candyfloss is popular at fairs, festivals, circuses and carnivals. Sweet treats made from spun sugar date back centuries, but making spun sugar was a lengthy, expensive process so only the very wealthy could afford these candies. Vape this and you will think you're at the fair! Add to Cart Add to subscription box Add to existing box. Add to Wish List. Skip to the end of the images gallery.

Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Full Description A cotton candy flavoured e-juice. Zero nicotine 0. Similar Products in the Vape E liquid Range. Add to Cart. She chooses to stay with her dad even though he is not the best at looking after himself much less his daughter. Her dad is very playful and gregarious despite his practical short-comings. Her mother doesn't understand why Floss would want to stay with her dad in his smelly money-losing cafe rather than go to Australia and live with them.

Each chapter started out with a set of drawings presumably made by Floss that provided a bit of visual foreshadowing on the chapter to come. On the negative side, I found it difficult to figure out what grade Floss was in and thus how old she is.


She seemed to intelligent that it took me a while to figure out she probably was only in 2nd or at most 2rd grade. I also felt the ending was a bit too abrupt and not completely resolved. Still, kids will enjoy this book, especially those who have suffered through divorce. Floss's glossary of British terms at the end of the book was helpful. I couldn't otherwise figure out for the life of me what a "Chip Butty" was. View 1 comment. Apr 20, Lisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: british. I really, really liked this one.

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I think it's great for parents because it perfectly illustrates how kids' problems are just as big and serious and real as our adult-type problems. I completely fell in love with Floss and her dad. What great characters. I had this book on audio and the narrator did an amazing job, especially with Floss's father. One of Jacqueline Wilson's best. Sep 28, Siobhan rated it liked it. Wilson is great at making realistic characters that you can quickly come to term with, giving realistic reactions to events.

Her books are great at getting children to really think about actions and their consequences, really opening the eyes of children to the world.

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Some of her books are sensitive reads yet they are all great at sending life messages to children. I feel as though Wilson books are a must in the lives of young children, a way of opening their eyes to the real world in the right wa Wilson is great at making realistic characters that you can quickly come to term with, giving realistic reactions to events. I feel as though Wilson books are a must in the lives of young children, a way of opening their eyes to the real world in the right way.

Oct 23, Lydia rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: young adults. As im young myself i thought this book was amazing it had loads of little twists in it that you thought wouldnt happen. It surprises you and you cant wait to see what will happen next. I read this book in 2 weeks whilst on holiday it is great if you have nothing to do. Although it could of been a bit longer i still enjoyed it and would definatley recomend it.

Jan 28, amelia Davies rated it it was amazing. I recommend this book because it shows what it is like to be in floss's place. Jun 26, Dad rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

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I love it because Jacqueline Wilson is my favourite author. Aug 21, Millie rated it it was amazing. It is about a girl called floss she moves to Australia for six months she missed her dad. May 23, Zoe MacIver added it Shelves: rereading. Leaving it unrated cause all the younger Zoe feelings are making it to hard to rate it properly. Nov 03, Bella rated it it was amazing.

One of my absolute favourite ones. Candyfloss was really amazing.

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Jan 08, Mimimagic rated it really liked it. It was a good book and was ok. Feb 26, Paige Doherty rated it really liked it. This book was very well written.

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The theme I pulled out was don't loose hope. And even if your homeless there is always a way to pick yourself up. But if you don't have hope then you might not get up. This is shown by floss and her dad living together but when the cafe that her dad runs get shut down due to not enough customers they end up living in a friends home.

Feb 06, Ty Morgan rated it really liked it Shelves: teen. Candyfloss is a name of a girl who lives who her dad, who owns a fish and chip shop. But things start to go horribly wrong when her days business go bank- erupt and he thinks it is best to go live with her mum in Sydney with her boyfriend.

Her dad decides to spend the last amount of money on Candyfloss. She always wanted to got to the fairfun, Candyfloss is a name of a girl who lives who her dad, who owns a fish and chip shop.

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She always wanted to got to the fairfun, so there they go. They meet a lovely candyfloss owner called Rose, who tells them their fortune.

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Alternative names, Candy floss, fairy floss. Type, Confectionery. Created by, William Morrison and John C. Wharton. Main ingredients, Sugar, food coloring · Cookbook: Cotton candy · Media: Cotton candy. Cotton candy is a spun sugar confection that resembles cotton. It usually contains small. candy, candy apple, candy ass, candy cane, candy corn, candy floss, candy pull, candy store, candy stripe, candy striper, candy-ass.

Eventually, they are kicked out of their house and are homeless. At the end of the story, they join the funfair and they live with Rose. Also, Candyfloss get to dye her hair pink!! I like this book because it teaches you what really matters in life.


AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Showing of 20 reviews. That is not a candyfloss organisation. My first birthday was on Friday. See Colour Options. Previous Color Next Color.

Dec 08, Habibah rated it really liked it. Wilson's 'Candyfloss' which was recommended to by my daughter is funny, moving and entertaining. Floss's parents are divorced so she lives with her mum, half brother and step dad and visits her dad weekly. When Floss's step dad announces he's been offered a job in Australia and the family have to move, Floss is devastated at the thought of leaving her dad but happy about going to Australia at the same time.