Bloodstain (Detective Jason Strong: Clean Suspense, Book 2)

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Do you create an outline, start with characters and let the book write itself, or? I am very much an outline guy. I will begin with my basic premise, and write a series of scenes as bullet points.

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Things like- 'Jason goes to victims house', Vanessa goes to crime lab'- then start at the top. New ideas and scenes are added or subtracted by the story as it develops, but I continue to write in order. The most fun in the writing experience for me is watching what happens as I write the scenes. Details, conversations, action; they all come as I write and it's very exciting for me.

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BLOODSTAIN (Clean Mystery Suspense) (Detective Jason Strong Book 2) - Kindle edition by John C. Dalglish. Download it once and read it on your Kindle. Bloodstain: Det. Jason Strong: Clean Suspense, Book 2 (Audible Audio Edition): John C. Dalglish, Paul Heitsch: Audible Audiobooks.

Hopefully, for the reader, too. You were born in Canada, but became an American citizen in How do you think your cross-cultural experiences have affected your writing? I'm not sure the cultural differences have made much difference. Having said that, the fact that I have traveled in both countries, has given me a wider array of description possibilities. My own feeling is that the life experiences, which give a writer something to draw on when he looks at emotions and reactions, are more important.

When people look you up on Amazon, they will see that you identify your books as "clean suspense.

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Well, let's see; that's kind of a long story, but let me shorten it some. The first published draft of "Where's My Son?

I felt I needed them for realism. However, when I wrote "Bloodstain", I found I just preferred to leave it out. Following the publishing of the first two books, I received many letters thanking me for not using excessive language and sex. I discussed it with my wife, and made the decision to write 'clean' books.

We reasoned that some of the top selling movies and books in the world were done by Disney, and there had to be a group of people that felt like we did. As a result, I went back and edited the first book and have been writing in that fashion ever since. How do you think the decision to not include gratuitous violence or sex has either helped or hurt your sales? Without question, it has been a good decision.

Bloodstain: Det. Jason Strong

I have a police officer friend who I spoke to about this. I asked him if every third word from a cop was a cuss word. He laughed. He didn't say they don't swear, just that it doesn't occur at the level portrayed in movies. I still, ten books in, get letters thanking me for books that are 'clean'. They are the type I would read and I'm glad others do, too.

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James novels. Who are some of the writers who have most influenced your work? Peretti is a good one, I enjoy his books a lot. Tom Clancy, and of all people, Erma Bombeck. She taught me how to be funny in a book. I asked you about Det. Jason Strong earlier, but you have another series that could probably be best described as "science and faith fiction. I had a desire to do a pure Christian series, and the concept came to me as a takeoff on Touched By An Angel. What events could I create in a life after death scenario?

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I pitched the idea to my son, who is a fantasy author, and he liked it. One of your books that has grabbed my attention and never let go deals with brothers Donnie and Billy Jarvis.

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Tell us about those characters and how you came up with the book "For My Brother" in which they appear. You know, I'm not sure where the exact idea came from. My wife and I love the real life crime shows, and a lot of my basic ideas come from what bubbles up while watching them.

The relationships in that book stem from events in my own life, and how events impact people's futures.

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Finally, do you consider yourself a Christian author or an author of books who is a Christian, if you catch the distinction. I would also say as a police officer before receiving exciting to the end. What made the experience of listening to Bloodstain: Det. Jason Strong the most enjoyable? The characters, the story line, all of it. When the last victim was abducted, I wasn't expecting that! Hearing the story was like watching a really good detective show on tv.

Plus, I sure am glad that he didn't give the female characters in the book a "Minnie Mouse" voice to them. You can hear the slight change in his tone from Jason to female, but he doesn't try to DO a female voice. Nicely done Paul! Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you? Ooooh, yes. But I can't tell you or I would spoil the whole thing for you. The deep friendship you feel between Jason and Vanessa is very real, and that is what makes you feel at home sort of speak with the book. Bloodstain is a relative short story about a serial killer who leaves a trademark wine glass at each murder scene.

Detective Jason Strong and his partner Vanessa are assigned to investigate the cases. After killing a few women, the killer then targets Vanessa after observing her at a press conference about the case. This was a pretty good story with a decent plot, which was nicely paced. However, there was little character development. I never really understood what set the serial killer off other than an insult by a girl who lived down the street. Paul Heitsch did an admirable job narrating.

He brought the characters to life, drawing me into the story. I felt the urgency of Jason and the entire police department after Vanessa was abducted. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased review.

What did you like best about Bloodstain: Det. Jason Strong? What did you like least? I liked the narrator the best honestly.

Detective Jason Strong Series

The story was slow and the characters didn't feel all the way fleshed out. Though if I had read the first book I may have felt differently. This felt like it could of been a very slow episode of Homicide.

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What do you think your next listen will be? Voyager by Diana Gabaldon. He brought the characters to life better than if I just had read them off the page. He gave them life and emotion. Was Bloodstain: Det. Jason Strong worth the listening time? It's a short story and good diversion from what I've been listening to lately.